officially... unemployed...

hi guys, i know i've been abandoning my blog nowadays as everyday is a new day to do everything else but blog... lol

oh well.. my latest update is.. i'm graduating.. AGAIN...=) i guess in a way i've finally come to terms with it that i'm graduating though not the way i wanted it but i guess.. it's better than not... or rather....

oh well =) now i'm officially unemployed.. without a job, nor am i planning to look for somethign permannent now, all in the head now is to HEAD HOME .. or at least try to go home next year for CNY...

Bridging visa "U" better be approved =) i've better plans at home =)



everyone has secrets..
by definition - i think - secrets are not meant to be told nor shared..
however, i also think that if secrets that are shared with someone close makes things better..
BUT... when secrets become a little toooo obvious, but not shared...
then by definition.. it's no longer a secret...


a wrong turn

when things takes a wrong turn, it is bound to take a right turn.
when a door closes, there is bound to be a window open.
therefore, in any circumstance, there is bound to be a silver lining to it
... right?...


life's a fucking bitch...

if these madnes goes on in my head.. god knows.. what i'll do...

can somebody pls do something.. becasue life to me now is an effing piece of shit...



has sucked the fun out of me lately...

the part where i think of myself and my life now.. i've lost motivation along the way.. hopefully i dont screw my last semester.

next where i think that the only entertainment for me is facebook and also random tv shows .. life's pretty much...boring...

then comes the part where spending money is concern .. it bugs the shit out of me lately for no reason. spending now is like a leech sucking blood out of me and yet i allow it as i convince myself some things are meant to be spent on.

to not be stingy and at the same time be on budget kills my brain cells so often tat i think i waste too much brain cells on them too..

wheres the part that i enjoy life? where's the part where i love everyday and not let days passsed by so quickly without even having time to recall what i did exactly tat was productive.

... the head is going to blow soon....


Love is Giving

Love is giving, not taking

mending, not breaking,
trusting, believing,

never deceiving,

patiently bearing

and faithfully sharing

each joy, every sorrow,

today and tomorrow.

Love is kind, understanding,

but never demanding,

love is constant, prevailing,

its strength never failing.

A promise once spoken

for all time unbroken,

love's time is forever.


Congratulations to the Sze Sze's on their wedding, it was wonderful and very very romantic. wishing you both EVERY happiness =)





crossing paths is what i wanted, and if crossing paths is what i get then will crossing paths be enough?

crossing paths? not getting it.. even if i do, there wouldn't be a meeting of hearts